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Dream Roll

Stay Wild

What’s Cooler than being a Biker Babe? 

Chilling with a Hundred Other Biker Babes in the Woods for the weekend.

by Becky Goebel // @actuallyitsaxel

The Dream Roll was exactly what we pictured when we came up with the name: a dreamy, lovely weekend in the woods with 300 other women—riding, partying, and getting naked under the moon. A sisterhood was forming from the moment the ladies started rolling into the event grounds, which was a landing strip used in the ‘20s near the base of Mount Adams in lower Washington. The roar of Harleys, café racers, choppers, sport bikes, and enduros was heard from miles away, and it was a pretty awesome feeling watching their faces light up when they finally got to the Dream Roll destination. Some of these babes came from Portland and LA, while others came from New York City and even Australia.

The first night was a rager. The tepee was hotboxed, the girls drank almost 1,000 free tallboys, and the DJ had the time of his life as over 100 ladies danced topless to his music. There were two massive dome-tents on the event grounds—one filled with vintage furniture and hanging hammocks, and the other a medicated ice-cream vendor giving out free samples (thank you to the state of Washington!) It’s a pretty rad feeling to have “met” a lot of these women on social media and then come together in a place with zero cell phone service. 

Photo by John Waller

Photo by John Waller

Saturday morning was full of coffee and raindrops. It was pretty obvious that it was going to be a wet day, but the babes were full of positive vibes. There was a ride-out to the ranger station about seven miles away where riders chose where they wanted to explore that day. Some went on a 70-mile ride around the entire park, exploring the volcanoes and canyons surrounding the national forest. Others hit up Lower Lewis River Falls where they were spotted skinny dipping in the rain, and others checked out the ice caves not too far from the camp site. No matter what road you chose to get lost on, there were cows, cliffs, and dozens of other ladies saluting you as you cruised past.

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

The sisterhood vibes were seriously strong that night. It was apparent that there were strong bonds made after the hurdles that were jumped because of the rain, the riding terrain, and the excitement of watching each other kill it on their bikes. Five bands played in the dome and a burn-out contest started going down in the spotlights turned on by the filmers. 

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

The days of being a woman and wild are here, and they are smiled upon. The Dream Roll has been looked at as a gathering of strong, independent women who just want to ride. Being able to bring this diverse gathering together is an honor, and I wouldn’t change the outcome of The Dream Roll 2015 for anything. Until next year, babes! 

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

Made in San Francisco

Stay Wild

Have you ever noticed that we list the location goods are made at when we review them?
We think that piece of information is just as important as the price tag. Some brands hide that info and those are not the brands we work with. We only work with brands that are honest and have clear intentions.

Timbuk2 is one of those brands with clear intentions. Heck, they're so transparent about where their bags are made that they’ve got a peep hole in their Portland flagship store that lets you look into their San Francisco factory (it's a live camera feed). The SF factory makes bags from their Customize line. This line allows you to make a bag that suits your personal style. As a buyer it’s pretty awesome to have that much control over how your goods are made. It’s like voting “YES” for local manufacturing while also voting “YES” for your favorite color combo.

We ordered a SF-Made Custom Prospect Laptop Messenger Bag a while ago and have been using it to deliver magazines around town. We love it so much that we want to share it. If you don't think the coffee stains and the patch we added are a problem, you should help us gift it away.

Just tag a friend you want to gift this to on our Instagram and follow @timbuk2 to win!




The New Almond

Stay Wild

Almond Surfboards is opening a new retail store at 1720 Santa Ana Ave. #A Costa Mesa, CA(two blocks from where founder Dave Allee grew up.)

But what we're most excited about is how this move might mark a change in tide for what Almond brings to the world. "We will be introducing some very select products from very special friends of ours; things that add to the overall experience here.  Almond has never been about creating a surf brand.  Almond has always been about creating a brand of specific values, and using surfboards as a means to exemplify those values.  And we’re excited for the role that this retail space can play in that aim, being right here in the Eastside Costa Mesa neighborhood."

Swing by the Grand Opening celebration and Open House this Thursday, the 19th, from 5-8 pm and raise a drink to Almond.

Stay Wild Star Wars Contest

Stay Wild

Photo by John Hook

Photo by John Hook

Soooooooo many people entered our #StayWildStarWars night photo contest that we can't decide who the winner is. From the 200+ photos, we've narrowed it down to the ones you see here. Help us pick a winner by posting the winner's name in the comments below. Click on the images to get the name (mobile users: tap that little white dot to get the name.) The winner will get a sur-prize-filled-backpack full of goodies. May the force be with you.


Alex Mager has won the #StayWildStarWars with an unbelievable* amount of votes.

* Maybe he voted for him self a couple times?

Motorcycle Nerd Alert!!!

Stay Wild

Hey man, it's cool. We geek out on Star Wars stuff too. So you don't have to be all weird and squirrelly about how much you love this side car motorcycle that's all powder-coated black and has A FREAKING LIGHTSABER HOLDER!!! Ural only made 25 of them and they just went on sale. Will you please buy us one?

Welcome to the House of Nau

Stay Wild

“Nau” means “welcome” in some language you probably don’t speak, but that’s ok because you know what it means.

Welcome is the gesture you make when you invite people into your home.

It’s also the gesture you make when you welcome adventure into your life.

This is the story of Nau.

A clothing company let us into their home and let us join their adventure. We came across some stuff that we found interesting and turned it into this little story you're reading. We’ve never told a story like this before—it’s kind of scary doing new things.

[Deep breath.]
Here we go. Click here to read our story>>

Come to the Nau opening party and grab a printed copy of the story along with the new issue of Stay Wild magazine!

Party with us at Nau’s Portland store opening.
Tuesday, Nov 17, 6-9pm
304 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209


Drinks by Brew Dr. Kombucha and Thomas & Sons Distillery

If you’re in a shopping mood, Nau is offering 30% off their Recycled Down Collection. What’s so cool about recycled down? Ask a bird. They’ll tell you it means they get to live free. Free as a bird!

The first 25 people through the door will score the above limited edition screen print. The print was made as a collaboration between Nau and Stay Wild. It's an idea we both believe in wholeheartedly. It was designed and printed by creative director Alison Ross.