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Stay Wild

For the past 6 months Strange Vacation has sent their Original Jacket across the country to 18 of their favorite photographers, one by one. With the amount of design & craftsmanship put into it, they couldn't wait to see it through the eyes of these talented artists & visual storytellers. 

It’s finally time to share these beautiful photos! If you’re around Portland on Thurs May 5th, come hang out with at See See Motorcycles from 7-10pm, and see Strange Vacation through the lens of of these amazing photographers.

Read up about Strange Vacation in a story we publish in the Winter 2016 issue >>>

Whalebone Magazine Wants To Visit

Stay Wild

When the fine folks at Whalebone, a rad magazine working out of the East End of Long Island, asked us about the adventure festival we're throwing this summer in Portland we told them "This fest is for risk-takers, trailblazers, do-it-yourself-ers, and the creators of culture—not the consumers of it". Guess they liked that answer, because they kept asking questions and turned it into a full story!

Go read their "Die Young, as Late as You Possibly Can" story in their latest Travel Issue about the Stay Wild EXPO. For reals, go read it!

Made in Oakland

Stay Wild

Dear People Who Wear Clothing,

Check out this conversation about living, hiking, and making clothes in Oakland with Tony Vontz, founder of adventure apparel brand Edgevale.

Their stuff is awesome you should wear it: edgevaleusa.com/

Industrious Minds Fellowship

Stay Wild

Need a little help making a dream project happen? You should apply for the $1,000 worth of Hand Eye Supply gear and month-long membership to Portland's makerspace ADX to help your project come to life.

The last Industrious Minds Fellowship was awarded to Escape Collective for their geodesic dome project, which went on to provide dome design and fabrication for rad projects like this summer's Stay Wild EXPO!

Here’s the kind of stuff Hand Eye Supply and ADX are interested in helping:

  • Projects that are already underway or thoughtfully conceived, and can be executed given the team’s resources.
  • The project’s end result has been proven to be attainable, and is physical in nature (i.e. no web or mobile projects, sorry).
  • The project is of a moderately large scale and is executed by a team or community of makers. 
  • The project is passion-oriented rather than commercially so (though, it could potentially be both).

Learn more and Apply HERE >>