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Joillydaze Gift Guide // Week 3

Stay Wild


It's the Jollydaze again and we're here to help with the Gift Giving. Here are a couple ideas of goods we think are good to give. We'll have more gift ideas every week in December, so keep checking in.


Sierra Designs // SierraDesigns.com

Actual gold is growing underfoot. Veins of gold blood secretly shine inside the mountains. Eureka! Golden state hikers delight, for this backpack is made in California.



Keep Wild Co. // keepwildco.com

If you eat fish, you should respect fish enough to know how to catch and clean them.

Kimi Fish Scaler // $20


Solar-Powered Bike-Car // organictransit.com

I’m trying to rethink the adventuremobile. The opportunity for adventure is within every daily task when I try to avoid making fossil-fuel pollution. Taking my son to school, picking up a pizza, delivering magazines, or sneaking in a lunch break hike can all be pedal+solar-powered.
ELF 2FR // $9,000


Almond Surfboards // almondsurfboards.com

Dear Foamie, we’ve had a lot of fun ... but this relationship usually ends at the landfill. I thought you were all the same pieces of fun crap that I don’t need in my life, but then Almond made a beautiful one that they promise to recycle. Let’s fall in love again.

R-Series // $359


Seea Surf Suit // theseea.com

People who like this suit have been known to mix Pop Rocks candy and soda pop in their open mouth to entertain friends. Made with
recycled poly/spandex fabric in sunny California.

Hermosa One Piece // $135


Stay Wild Magazine // Shop

This bottle hold 27 ounces of whatever you want. We've tested it with water, booze, kombucha, tea, coffee, fruit juice, veggie juice, rattle snake blood (just kidding) and have found that 27 oz is the perfect amount. The bottle is a collaboration with our buddies at Mizu. They make awesome stuff, so you can trust this thing will last for years of adventuring!

Adventure Bottle // $15


Indosole // indosole.com

My new whip is made from old road trip-mobile tires upcycled into the soles of these sustainably made flip floppin’ slippahs. 

ESSNTLS Flip Flop // $35


Mouyobi // mokuyobi.com

Wildflowers will shift their gaze from the sun to you. Rainbows will turn upside down to smile at you. Birds will land on your shoulder and sing into your ear a song about borrowing your shirt.

Noodle Doodle Tee // $35


Arbor // arborcollective.com

You find yourself skating down the middle of the street. No cars around. The only sound is wind in your ears. Close your eyes. Shwooooooo … Feels good. 

Foundation Chamois Shirt // $79

Get in the Hole

Stay Wild

The World’s Greatest Secret Skate Drain

Photos and words by Brian Wilkes // @wilkes.foto


The cars are packed with gear. 

We’ve got a pretty solid crew. 

After a few hours we arrive. 

The hole.


We all hike in. 

Who’s gonna swim through the icy creek? 

One dude says he’ll go for it. 

He doesn’t want to get in and starts trying to scale the rocks. 

Yeah, you can’t go like that. Get in the water. 

All the people, boards, cameras, BBQ, and dogs make it across.

We’re good to go. 


It’s big. 

About 35 feet tall. 

It’s rough. 

And you start in the dark. 

But it’s fun. Really fun. 

Everyone gets their go at it. 


Mellow exploring. 

Jump in the cold water.

Hide in the hole to avoid the heat.

Keep skating. 

More good times. 

More laughs. 

More beers. 

All goes well. 

No one slams too hard. 

Almost no one tipped the boat. 

Except for that one time.


We made it. 

Gotta make it happen again.


Stay Wild


It's the Jollydaze again and we're here to help with the Gift Giving. Here are a couple ideas of goods we think are good to give. We'll have more gift ideas every week in December, so keep checking in.


Shelter Co. // shelter-co.com

Pitch a classic tent! I know there are more lightweight and efficient tents out there, but I also know you are a car camper. This stands 8’3” tall and is 13’ round, so bring it to your favorite fest and have a private dance party.

Meriwether Lite Tent // $695

all three.jpg

Vans // vans.com

It’s kinda like a family of crazy, high-tech, crooked-teeth barbarian smiles stomping across a snowy city-turned-frozen-dystopian-mountainscape and laughing their hairy butts off.

Pat Moore’s Infuse Boots and UltraRange Hi Gore-Tex MTE // $90, $160, and $369


Arbor // arborcollective.com

Bamboo is known as a sustainable wood, but it’ll sustain your shred, too! 

Pocket Rocket Bamboo // $129.95


Outerknown // outerknown.com

AAccording to Waterworld, we will wear fish skin clothing in the aquatic Mad Max future. Until then, let’s slow the rising tide and invest in pants made to the highest ecologically and socially clean standards. 

S.E.A. Ambassador Slim Fit // $128


Reusable Cloth Bags

Future geology students will dig up the layer of plastic we’ve coated our planet in. Back in the classroom on the spaceship, they will ask why we wrapped our food in pollution. 

The teacher will answer, 

“They were lazy idiots.”

Sew your own or buy some. 


Nau // nau.com

Smart is the new sexy. Smart sees the storm on the horizon and makes moves to be ready before it hits. Smart is insulated with recycled down and shelled by a recycled polyester plus organic cotton blend. 

Utility Down Shirt Jacket // $245


Mizu // Mizulife.com

Hug a waterfall with your arms! Kiss a waterfall with your lips! Drink a waterfall with this bottle! It has a water filter built into it so you don’t have to worry about getting giardia from the dead deer floating upstream.

360 M9 EVERYDAY Kit // $45.95


Morakniv // morakniv.se/en

Peter Pan survives in the wildness of Neverland armed with only a tiny knife like this one. Keep the children wild, but keep them safe with a solid finger guard and rounded tip.

The Scout Knife // $30

ROAMERS Giveaway

Stay Wild


Twice a year, Roamers design seasonal products that they find to be unique in style and useful to the current seasonality. They manufacture a limited number of pieces with specialty fabrics and expert manufacturing techniques; this is where they express they passion for making apparel.

They call this limited edition line the Threadroom and the latest invention is flannel lined pants and jackets just in time for the cold weather.


Toss your name in the hat for a chance to win below!

Name *

Contest Details // Winners will be announced the first week of January and prizes will be shipped out then. Your email address will not go to anyone other than Stay Wild magazine and Roamers brand. We love you and hope you win.