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Celestron and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Present:


Need a new spirit animal? Find some new feathered friends on a walk in the wilderness with the pros to see what keeps them always looking up! Hike nearby woods tracking, viewing, and learning all about some of the 200+ bird species that live in or migrate through the Portland area each year. Celestron, an award winning telescope and optics company, has partnered with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as official sponsors to promote the hobby of birding with this adventure field trip.

What You'll Learn

Ospreys, bushtits, warblers, and waxwings.  Some birds are cute, some are deadly, but they’ve all evolved from dinosaurs!  Take this birding crash course adventure to get up close and personal using your new binoculars courtesy of Celestron, and quickly identify bird species with observing apps, tips, and tricks from Cornell’s visiting naturalist.  Bring your notebooks and cameras and don’t forget to stop by Celestron’s booth for day and night sky telescopic views of the cosmos.


Snacks & Drinks will be provided, so no one will starve or go thirsty.

Goodie bags full of souvenirs and useful treasures.

A new pair of Celestron binoculars


Fri Aug 26th, 8-10:30am

8am: Meet at festival for intro snacks and drinks (coffee).

8:20: Hike out to  the The Hoyt Arboretum forest (just a 10 minute walk).

8:30-10:30am: Out in the Field

Bird Scouting: Overview of what you look and listen for when out in the field).

Equipment : How to use your new binoculars

Bird ID: How to look up what you find.

10:30am: Hike back to the festival.

FRIDAY, AUG 26TH, 8-10:30am

$100 (includes Binoculars) 

This is a 12 person class, so tickets are limited.

Ages 12+