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This Colorado-based craft beer is a big freaking deal, and we’ve drank more of it than we can remember. But the way they make their beer to be socially and environmentally responsible is an even bigger deal. newbelgium.com


“Sanuk” is the Thai word for “fun”—but it means more than that. It’s about working to achieve satisfaction, pleasure, and a sort of grace that is always comfortable. This footwear totally lives up to the name. sanuk.com 


Adventure is more fun when you have someone to share it with. Ural makes motorcycles that perform for fun-seekers. ural.com


A gang of talented and skilled friends who can make anything they want. Right now they want to make motorcycles, hammocks, and geodesic domes. esccollective.com


This apparel brand makes clothing in Oakland, California to help people get out and enjoy that special mixing zone of urban and natural environments. edgevaleusa.com


This classic brand has been bringing Swedish function and durability to outdoor gear for half a century. fjallraven.us

Clif Bar

They get the food job done, so you can focus on overcoming your challenges. Psst… we hear they might have a tasty new product to share at the fest, so bring your belly. clifbar.com


The official bicycle of the world's first adventure fest is for everyone. This Portland bike share program launches this summer and as any local can tell you, it's long overdue. biketownpdx.com

crafty wonderland

Focused on handmade goods and visual arts, Portland's Crafty Wonderland has curated a pop up style Art + Craft Market just for the EXPO. See the makers joining us here >>>

Shaper Studios

These guys help pros and total beginners make their own surfboards. This is where maker culture meets surfer culture. shaperstudios.com

Snow Peak

This Japanese camping lifestyle brand makes gear with the most excellent balance of style and function. Their USA HQ is right here in Portland, so we consider them locals! snowpeak.com

All Good

Apparel for camping, surfing, climbing, hiking, boating, road tripping, and starting campfires with corn chips. It’s all good! allgxxd.com

Haven & Florin

Backpacks made in Washington to be used and abused by camera-carrying creative outsiders, mountain berry-picking travelers, and people just like you. havenandflorin.com 

Red Clouds Collective

As you go on more adventures, you’ll wear into the world and get softer around the edges. So do the goods Red Clouds Collective makes. redcloudscollective.com

Jbird collective

This Portland industrial design house has a focus on the highest-quality backpacks and handcrafted leather goods. Check out their new leather sunglasses!  jbirdpdx.com

See See Motorcycles

Portland, Oregon’s legendary motorcycle & coffee shop doesn’t just help people get parts for their old bikes and fuel for their old guts. seeseemotorcycles.com

Juniper Ridge

The world's only wildcrafted fragrance company. Bringing you the freshest colognes, soaps, incense, teas and more.  juniperridge.com


Their hemp clothing uses 1/3 less water than cotton to make, it also uses no pesticides or herbicides, and is super freaking soft! jungmaven.com

Scout Books

If you don’t have one of these books in your pocket right now, you’re not really prepared for adventure. scoutbooks.com

Urban Barrels

Imagine an old sail from a sail boat was magically turned into a backpack. Now imagine that backpack magically turns inside out to be a towel. It’s a bag towel! urbanbarrels.com 

Strange Vacation

Historically, motorcycle jackets were made for women in one of two ways: fashion or function. Strange V has found a way to be functional, fashionable, and more fun than a monkey with a machine gun. strangevacation.com

James Brand

These knives are nice and simple. They’re sharp as a man-eating tiger shark too, so be careful! thejamesbrand.com

The Original Nomad

Maybe you’ve been to one of our past events and got to jump into a portable hot tub with us? If you did, the tub was made by the Original Nomad. theoriginalnomad.com


The universe is freaking awesome when you get a good view of it! The fine folks at Celestron make stuff that helps you see stars, microscopic things, birds, and in the dark. Yay science! celestron.com

Brew Dr. Kombucha

There’s a lot of kombucha out there, but only one is brewed with Townshend’s tea to taste delicious and hit you with all those healthy benefits. brewdrkombucha.com

Proof Eyewear

This Idaho-based sustainable eyewear brand is living proof that being small doesn’t mean you can’t do good. iwantproof.com

Mowgli Surf

Mowgli is based in Southern California, and stands for everything awesome and unique about the place they come from. mowglisurf.com

Mokuyobi Threads

We love every freaking backpack, hat, patch, and banana-patterned fanny pack Mokuyobi makes. mokuyobi.com

Forest & Waves

This Vancouver brand knows that beautiful place where the forest meets the ocean, and it shows in their home goods and apparel. forestandwaves.com

Revive PDX

Can a couch have more personality than the person sitting in it? revivepdx.com

Union Wine Co.

Wine in a can? Heck yes! It's easy to hike with and might be the finest wine made in Oregon. unionwinecompany.com


Super fun skateboard decks and sunglasses up-cycled from old fishing net removed from the sea. bureo.co

Swift Industries

Bike bags and adventure gear made in Seattle for weekend dirtbag adventurers and daily bike commuters. builtbyswift.com

Tribe & True

Handmade textiles, jewelry, and pottery from cultural practitioners of the human arts. tribetrue.com


Canadian based skateboard brand well known for their longboard cruisers and wild good times. landyachtz.com


The classic boot brand making shoes to protect your feet for both everyday and once in a lifetime adventures.  danner.com

SHIP JOHN (Was tomahawk)

Quality crafted leather and canvas goods designed and created in Portland, Oregon. shipjohn.us

Hand eye supply

A supply store for creative minds, selling the best in work wear and high quality tools, so you can get to work. handeyesupply.com


A hand-knit brand of traditional Canadian sweaters and accessories grantedclothing.com


A Native American Fashion and Americana brand which focuses on materials made in the USA, delivering a new vibe to apparel and leather accessories. ginewusa.com


A lightweight footwear company bringing comfort, technology, and value to your feet. hi-tec.com

the athletic

Socks made with every kind of adventure in mind theathleticcommunity.com

Thomas & Sons Distillery

Craft spirits created from tea is great on it's own, but these folks are mixxing up extra special drinks for the EXPO. Be sure to order a "Portland Pony" (like a smokey Mascow Mule). thomasandsonsdistillery.com

Venice Cold brew

Venice Cold Brew is made from the highest quality direct-trade beans, steeped in spring water for 12 hours, then triple filtered to bring out the cleanest, smoothest, most refreshing cold-press coffee. venicecoldbrew.com

Treehouse Chocolate

Drinking chocolate is like pouring smooth sweet lava into your soul. Treehouse makes it easy for you to bring this experience anywhere. treehousechocolate.com