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John Hook is flying in from Hawai’i to lead a funtography workshop for anyone interested in fun ways to take their photography to the next level. Learn how to find good light, the difference between capturing and creating images, and other pro-tips. 


John Hook invented the term “Funtography”. His vibrant and joyful work is proof that photography is a fun art. John is a regular contributor to Oahu publications like Flux, Chinatown NOW, Contrast, and Stay Wild.

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, John will bring the spirit of Aloha to this workshop, so brush your teeth because you’ll be smiling a lot!


Sun Aug 28th, 10am-1pm

10am: Intro

Meet at festival classroom for intro to Mr. Hook’s work and difference between capturing and creating images.

10:30am: Out in the Field

Short walk to the forest around the EXPO Campus.

Location Scouting: Overview of what you look for when out in the field (composition, finding the light, privacy, ect...).

11:00am: Portraits

The class will practice shooting portraits of volunteer models with Mr. Hook’s guidance.

Noon: Review

Head back to the classroom for a Q & A session and optional portfolio review.


Attendees must bring their own cameras. Digital and film friendly. Laptops for downloading and reviewing your shots.

Sun Aug 28th, 10am-1pm

$60 (Includes goodie bag)

This is a 12 person class. Tickets are limited.