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Escape Collective Hammock Workshop

Adventure is exhausting, so chill out and make your own Shibori-dyed Hammock to nap in.


Escape Collective is a team of designers, artists, engineers, builders, and sewers. Friends before business partners, their mission is to provide creative solutions for your wildest dreams, always driven by curiosity and adventure. 

Here’s how past Escape Collective hammock-making workshops have gone >>>


Shibori dying is a Japanese dying technique using binding, folding, twisting, or compressing methods with fabric. Dying techniques of the workshop are taught by Escape Collective members Kara Jean and Andy Carlson. We’ll go over three basic methods.

Itajime: A shape-resist technique that creates a simple, clean, grid pattern.

Kumo: A pleat and binding technique that creates a stunning spider-like circle effect.

Kanoko: A technique similar to western tye-dye, where we twisted the hammocks to create a natural running-water looking effect.

Materials Included

100% Polyester Hand-Dyed Fabric

Brass Slide Toggle™ for easy hanging

6mm Low Stretch Retro Reflective Rope

Hammock Specs

1.5 lb [0.7kg]

4ft wide x 9ft long [121.9cm x274.3cm]

(2x) 10ft of Cord [304.8cm]

Supports up to 320lbs [145.15kg]


Sat Aug 27th, 10am-noon

10am Overview

10:30 Dying Process begins

11: Hang up to dry (20-30 mins needed)

11:30 Artfully hung hammock demo and group photo

Take you hammock home, or just hang out in it.

$120 (Included price of your new hand-dyed hammock.) 

This is a 12 person class, so tickets are limited.