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The Magdalena Experience

Explore the feminine perspective of professional photography with Magdalena Wosinska in this women's workshop.


About Magdalena:

Magdalena Wosinska is a professional photographer, an adventure seeker, and a wild animal. Magdalena has worked her way through the photography industry covering the world of action sports, fashion, travel, music, and random adventures. She's got a lot of experience in both the editorial and advertising side of the industry, yet she has never lost touch with her personal fine art photography. We love everything about Magdalena's experience.

Magdalena is one of the best photographers working today regardless of gender. That said, we wish there were more women photographers, so get a ticket to this class and make it happen!



Fri Aug 26th, 7-10pm

7pm: Meet at festival classroom for intro to Magdalena's work.

7:30: Head out to natural area (you can drive or hitch a ride in our van).

Location Scouting: Overview of what you look for when out in the field (composition, lighting, privacy, ect...).

8-9pm: Portraits

The class will practice shooting portraits of each other with Magdalena's guidance in the golden hour of the setting sun.

9pm: Night Sky photography

How to best view the universe with your camera.

10pm: Come on back to the fest.


Attendees must bring their own cameras & tripods. Digital and film friendly. Laptops for downloading and reviewing your shots.

Open to women 19 years and older.


Snacks & Drinks will be provided, so no one will starve or go thirsty.

Goodie bags full of souvenirs and useful treasures. 

Fri Aug 26th, 7-10pm


This is a 12 person class, so tickets are limited.

Only for women 19 years and older.