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The EXPO is free and open to the public


August 26-28, 2016 // PORTLAND, OREGON

World Forestry Center // 4033 SW Canyon Rd.

See the full schedule of events here >>>

Become a volunteer helper here>>>

Field Trips & Workshops

An adventure festival should facilitate adventure, so we’ve got a grand list of activities to do in the water, in the forest, on the trail, down the road, up the mountain, and in the city. Our workshops are led by experts in different fields and designed to get people outside working with their hands, learning new skills, and actually making something they can take home other than notes.


Unlike other trade shows, attendance is free and open to the public. The application process was open to anyone, so we have a healthy mix of bigger and smaller brands that are all making our favorite stuff.


Eat, drink, dance, and trip out to awesome art, live music, yummy flavors, and good old fashioned craziness. It's all the stuff you love about festival life, but without the commitment.


ART >>>


Where to STAY

HOTEL: Ace Hotel Call in with the discount code "Stay Wild EXPO" and get a 10% discount. (503) 228-2277

MOTEL: The Palms Motel It's right across the MAX tracks from a tiki bar called the Alibi.

CAMPING: Oxbow Regional Park It books up, so make your reservation now! No dogs allowed means deer wander the park.

OTHER OPTIONS: Crystal Hotel, Edgefield, Kennedy School McMenamins does a good job of fixing up cool old buildings to be fun places to play & stay, but if you can't hang with hippy vibes it might suck for you.

AirBnB It's an ok option, but you wouldn't help the affordable housing problem.

How to get here

4033 SW Canyon Rd. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is the end of the historic Oregon Trail. Pioneers of all kinds have come here looking for adventure and they’re still coming. The Stay Wild EXPO will happen ten minutes west of downtown up in the forest overlooking the city from the lush outdoor campus and cluster of grand halls at the World Forestry Center.

DRIVE: There is a lot of parking, but it can get SUPER CROWDED, so maybe don't drive. Take the MAX, ride a bike, or just hike up from the city!

The MAX: The "Metropolitan Area Express", or MAX, train is super fast and convenient and runs through the whole city. Take it to Washington Park and you'll get dropped off in a cool underground tunnel and take an elevator up 700 feet right to the Forestry Center. Check maps, schedules, and stops here >>>

MOTORCYCLE: We'll have free motorcycle parking out front on Saturday and Sunday.

ROLLER BLADE & SEGWAY: Nope. Don't even.

BIKE & SKATE: Ride your bike or skateboard to the MAX or all the way up the hill to the Forestry Center. It's fun!

PARKING SHUTTLE: Washington Park has a FREE shuttle service. Learn more here >>>

BIKETOWN: The official bike of the World's First Adventure Festival! Portland's new bike share program is the best way to get the the fest if you don't have a bike between your legs already. Simply sign up, grab a bike and ride to a MAX stop near you (#BIKETOWNtotheMAX).


After brunch you’ll ride the MAX to the underground elevator that takes you up to the the top of Washington Park. The elevator doors open across the street from the main Hello Dome where you’ll pick up your guidebook and event schedule.

You’ll stroll through the outdoor Maker’s Market featuring hand-dyed hammocks, leather goods, sign painters, backpacks, and other cool stuff.

Head over to Half Dome Hall for lunch, and to see your favorite outdoor adventure brands, who have set up exciting displays of what’s new.

You might have already decided on a Field Trip or Workshop from the guidebook by now. Passing on a ride or one of the hikes, you choose to go to the coast to see some new surfboards and attend a photography workshop.

When you get back from that epic adventure, you’ll head back to Half Dome Hall for dinner and some drinks before partying to some awesome bands.

Each of the three days will have a new schedule of bands, workshops, and field trips. It’s everything you love about a festival and a real life adventure together at last.

This is the world’s first adventure festival.