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Love! Here! Now!

Stay Wild

Matthew Silver is like a young Robin Williams (pre-Jumanji), walking that tightrope between insane and genius, between protest and public service, between comedy and spiritual awakening. He is truly wild. We love him.

 How can we stay wild?
 It’s simple. BE HERE NOW.  The mind likes to complicate things, and a lot of time we’re addicted to following the story in the mind because we attach ourselves to it. But we aren’t the mind: we’re beings of energy. Yes, the mind works through energy, but that is what the mind is: energy. There is nothing that’s wrong or right in this world. So be here now because that’s the only thing that’s real: the present moment. Also, love. I love what I do, so that always inspires me to go further and do more. Teach yourself to love the moment. Love the present moment because it’s the only thing that’s real. If you don’t love the present moment, you won’t be present and you will not want to be wild. You’ll be living in the stories in your head.

 What’s the big difference between performing on the street versus
 inside at a club or someplace?

 The street is unique and I recommend everybody try it out.  It’s free, so you have to work with what’s going on. Also, not everybody wants you to perform, and sometimes it’s hard to get to perform in venues. I’ve gained a lot of experience and wisdom from dealing with the streets. Most of what I’ve learned is patience. Not everybody will listen to you, but after time people will check you out. It can be tougher sometimes, but more exciting. Venues are great because they’re in an enclosed area. You can really intimidate the audience if they have a good stage, lighting and microphone. Also, people come to a club or venue to see a performance, so it's more likely that they will listen. On the streets peoples' minds can be fickle, constantly distracted by the city’s chaos.

 Seems like you need a certain amount of busy preoccupied people
 around you in order for the message to work. Does your performance
 only work in big cities full of people?

 No, it works very well during a one-on-one performance as well.  
It’s actually more impactful because I’m using all my energy for one person.
It really surprises them and wakes them up. It makes it a lot of fun. The message works in both cases, because there are always opportunities to make someone laugh. That’s the bottom line of what I’m trying to do. I just want to make people laugh. It’s then I feel that I’m doing my spiritual purpose.

 A lot of the ideas you bring up are solid and easy to relate to like, “Love. Here. Now.” These ideas stop people in their tracks and make them tear up with emotion. These ideas also come up a lot when on mushrooms and LSD. Do you ever take those drugs?
 No, I don’t take drugs...now.  I experienced them five years ago. I don’t recommend them because it built up a lot of unnecessary anxiety and fear in my body. When I speak, I try to feel my heart or when my body tingles with connecting energy−that cool tickly feeling when things are connected. Oneness and thinking about the Awakening of the Global Heart does that to me. I’m inspired by that. That’s why I do it. I want that feeling of connectivity through the entire planet that we can all share and love.

 What is the power of a fart? Mouth fart versus butt fart, difference?
 It’s just a silly sound that I’ve fallen in love with. A fart sound will always be funny. It’s something that many people can relate to. It's simple, and anyone can do it. It’s very difficult for me to do a butt fart on cue :-)

 What’s the most inspired you’ve ever felt?
 Right now−knowing deep in my heart that the Global Heart Awakening is at the tip of our tongues.  It’s happening, and it will happen. It’s just a matter of imaginary time. The reawakening of the Global Heart is when almost everybody on the entire planet connects with their heart rather than their mind. Love is the energy that will keep everything together.

Matthew Silver: maninwhitedress.com