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Gift Guide: Part One

Stay Wild

Crap! We've got to buy stuff for other people again. I mean... Happy Jollydaze! Here's Part One of our Gift Guide. It's mostly stuff we want to buy ourselves, but maybe it'll give you some ideas too.

Tree Tents are no joke. They're the best invention since hammocks. Tentsile are the masters of this world. With their new Connect which connects three tree tents to make one big awesome monster tree tent.

This is where Surfer and Maker cultures come together and sing a sweet salty song about how awesome it is to custom make your life into an adventure. This gift idea isn't a product, it's an experience. Shaper Studios offers gift certificates for "How To" course or just time in the shaping bay. These folks are here to help you help your self. With studios in San Diego and Vancouver BC (coming soon) you can turn this into an excuse for a trip no matter where you live.

It's just as warm and cozy as wearing a sleeping bag except you don't look like a child at a sleep over! NAU makes tons of stuff that's super functional, stylish, sustainable and well... smart!

Fire powered phone charger that you can cook on. HELL YES!!!!! It's called the Bio Lite Base Camp and it's going to make so many gadget lovers happy. Plus, the company has a great social responsibility program, so if you buy one of these you'll be doing good for others.

This is a toy. It's made for fun. Surely you know someone who loves fun. Give them a Penny Board. Dood, even if they already have one they could use two and try to ride both at the same time. For Reals!

Wooden sunglasses drink whiskey and say the coolest wisest shit at just the right time. It takes the right kind of person to wear shades like these by Brushwood

We love to get down, dirty, and very very wet when we're adventuring. But we don't want to look like friggin tools covered in dorky logos and flamboyant colors on parade (Ok, sometime we like a parade, but not all times). Sons of Trade make tough super useful bags like this water-tight duffel bag.

It's a fact that everyone loves flashlights. So this is the safest bestest gift you can give. Snow Peak makes tons of rad gear, but their flashlights are just pure joy. They're kind of cheap too, so get a couple and keep one for yourself.

Ever have a corduroy cap? They're made of a hundred gutters, so the rain and bad vibes can run right off you. COAL has a whole series of these bad boys, just pick your favorite spirit animal and your set!

Everyone loves boots they can trust. Boots with history. Boots with stories. Boots that won't walk away from you when you're not looking (it happens). The collaboration behind this boot by Danner and Beckel Canvas is easy on the eyes, and hard core on the trail. Totally made in the USA! Totally!

If you know someone who's carrying a notebook, their wallet and their phone separately slap them! It's wrong. The right thing to do is carry a Good Book by Red Clouds Collective. Not only does it keep you from juggling all that stuff, once it's worn away and falling apart you can toss the leather into the compost and lessen your footprint on the planet. Genius!

Drink more chocolate!!! With Tree House Chocolate you can skip going to the fancy chocolate shops and take the stuff where ever you go. Here are some ideas of where you should drink chocolate; on a driftwood raft, in the belly of a giant redwood tree, in a dune buggy launching off a sand dune, or by a camp fire.