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DO NOT Surf in Oregon

Stay Wild

Are you a fair-weather surfer? If so, please stay out of the Pacific Northwest. The weather is super harsh here! Rain, wind, shark-nados, log-jam sneaker-waves, and ugly bearded locals make surf impossible up North, so stay where orange trees grow big and plump please.

Of course you're not going to believe us after looking at this slide show from Shaun Daley of FRESTcoast. You might even call us full of shit and get super hyped on taking an Oregon road trip to come pick up a board from local shapers FRESTcoast who makes boards custom shaped to surf the lovely waves that roll empty in the Pacific Northwest. We won't blame you for the invasion though. Plenty of waves to go around for the rugged and hairy men and women who dare paddle out here.

"For this trip, we had our eye on a lil' something coming in that might work.  After managing to put together the hungover pieces at 5am, we stabbed out into the dark, wet, gloomy weather, and found no signs of anything resembling surfable waves.  It seemed like just as we pulled up, the smell of skunks lifted from the air!  Sunny, crisp, offshore beachies and only a few large marine mammals to share em' with.  After A few surf sessions, couple of trout, plenty o' beers and a bunch of dirtbiking later we thanked this rugged section of coast for it's hospitality and forged a trail home. " -Shaun Daley of FRESTcoast