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Gift Guide: Part Two

Stay Wild

Shit! We haven't even made a list of who we have to buy for yet. I mean... Happy Jollydaze! Here's Part Two of our Gift Guide. It's mostly stuff we want to buy ourselves, but maybe it'll give you some ideas too.

James Brand makes sharp useful knives in Portland, Oregon. Their geodesic surfboard logo is pretty cool and makes us think the knife was designed for knife-fighting sharks. Why not?

Wolf Child is for the wild ones. The fire stokers, the moon howlers, and the lovers of good t-shirts & times.

We've all got tools, make-up, fishing gear, art supplies, rock collections, and stuff that we need to keep organized. Hand Eye Supply has loads of ways to keep your shit together.

We love Iron & Resin's whole vibe. The way they bring surf and motorcycle culture together is perfect. You know this waxed canvas vest would kick it at the beach before burning rubber up in the foothills.

Eagle Nest Outfitters makes all kinds of hammocks. The best might be this jungle bug proof one. We want it! Will you buy it for us? Thanks.

Bike commuters and road racers around the world can agree on one thing; Rapha makes the finest gear. Especially these rain jackets. They make you lighter, faster, and smarter-looking.


The Mowgli boys have been busy this year making cooler and cooler stuff. Stuff that makes us want to party and play in the sand all night long, so we'll be the first ones out in the water for dawn patrol.

You know the old phrase, "If you love them give them kombucha." We've been drinking these beer-replacers on the daily and honestly think that a case of Brew Dr. Kombucha would make the perfect gift for the kombucha-lover in your life.

Blue Bear Outside makes gear that's classic and modern at the same time, it's a paradox of awesomeness!

Mokuyobi Threads makes your new favorite patch, hat, and bag. Trust us, they do! Sorry we don't have anything else to say about that.

The Original Nomad makes a portable hot tub that you can pack down to the beach and heat with a driftwood fire. Does it get any better than that? No, it doesn't. They make a variety of styles too, so there is no excuse for you not to love them.

Experience might be the best gift you can give anyone. So book some lessons at Pacific Surf Company and plan a trip to surf Tofino British Columbia. It'll be a real Canadian adventure!