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Get on your Bike and Ride!!!

Stay Wild

We posted this tiny video on our instagram feed last week with like ZERO info abut it.

Here's a Q&A with the film-maker and Stay Wild's bad-ass intern Chris Lopez!

What is the footage from?

This footage is from the summer of 2013. My friends, Jake Skirving, Tyler Heyl, and myself were toying around with the idea of starting some sort of small video production, design, and photography collective. Tyler is a photographer, Jake and myself are designers and dabble in photography. We all want to do something creative and eventually want to work together, so we decided to make the work that we want to do for fun. That way we learn hands on and if the end product turns out good enough we can use it to show others what we can do.

So Jake built a giant dry erase board and we set up outside his band room in Boring, Oregon. We  brainstormed topics for a video, until we decided on making a short motorcycle video. There are a lot of windy country roads with great views through forests that open up to a killer view of Mt. Hood out in Boring. We decided to film my friend Jake who rides a stripped down 1975 CB360, it’s about as cafe racer as it gets. The bike is dark and aggressive so we wanted the riding and music in the video to stay consistent with the tone we had set.

The story is that an anonymous guy (we never show his face because we wanted the viewer to be able to place himself/herself in this guy’s shoes) with street clothes slowly prepares himself for a ride but as soon as that garage door raises he’s balls to the wall shreddin’. Our goal was to show that for this guy his bike, is his escape. When he gets on it he can’t help but to redline it.

We were going to make another video that features myself, riding more lightheartedly. Using my bike for going on camping trips, hauling crap around, breaking down, etc.

Think you’ll be able to finish the video this summer?

We have most of the b-roll shot, locations scouted, and the rest of the shots storyboarded. We all just need to coordinate our days off so that we can shoot one or two days a week. So to answer your question, yeah I think we’ll be able to finish it this summer.

What’s up with that music?

The music is by King Dude from Seattle, Washington. The song is called “Holy Land.” My friend Jake recently found out that one of his co-workers at Tanner Goods was King Dude’s roommate at the time he wrote “Burning Daylight” the album that “Holy Land” is on. Small world.

We put Jake on music duty while Tyler and I were looking up shots we wanted to get and camera techniques. Jake showed us a handful of dark sounding songs that evoked the emotion we were trying to go for. King Dude’s Holy Land felt the best so we went with that.

What’s the wildest you’ve ever felt?

Maybe skinny dipping in the Willamette off the dock by OMSI, or making sweet love on the edge of a cliff in the middle of the night.