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Akela Surf

Stay Wild

AKELA SURF makes rad stuff—surfboards, skateboards, fins and swimsuits that keep you from being naked. Founders Annie Gagne and Servio Anez are based in Montreal, Canada, but are starting something new in the Caribbean.

What the fuck is Barbados about?

Life is simple in Barbados. It all comes down to surf, turtles, reggae music, eating fish and mangos, drinking rum, coconut water and more rum! Barbados has the potential to become the next longboard capital in the Caribbean. Freights Bay has long, gentle waves in the wintertime. We are thinking of doing an invitational surf longboard event for 2015. Keep your eyes open!

This shop you’re opening isn’t just a place to feature your gear and stuff. You’re also going to serve smoothies, coffee, surf movies, art shows, and a good vibes. Is the community going to take you up on these offerings?

We did a pop-up shop in an art gallery in Hastings called the ArtSplash Centre to measure the reactions of locals and visitors. The result was awesome. The feedback was super positive and convinced us to proceed with our project.

ArtSplash also offers one of the best and healthier food options in Barbados— Richard’s Gluten Free Restaurant. Richard, the friendly chef, makes the best wraps and sandwiches—all made with organic and local products.

Have you made any smart choices to keep garbage from piling up on the island?

The setup will be made from recycled items, driftwood and a shipping container. It’s important for us to recycle as much as we can and collaborate with local artists and designers.

See you in Barbados!

Oh and check out their kickstarter. You can score some pretty sweet sweetness for your sweet little self while helping them out. Stay sweet sweetties!!!