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StayWild + StarWars

Stay Wild

Photo by John Hook

Photo by John Hook

Seems like every other brand in the world is hoping on the Star Wars wagon, so what the hell, we'll do it too. But we're going to do it our way and inspire people to go outside to shoot their wild lives under the stars in the #StayWildStarWars photo contest.

Simply tag your starry photos on Instagram with #StayWildStarWars and you'll be entered to win an awesome sur-prize-pack loaded with adventure gear.

This isn't really a "Star War", it's just a "Star Contest", but may the force be with you.

IN OTHER STAR WARS NEWS; Scrappers, our main helper at Stay Wild, is obsessed with the theory that Luke SkyWalker is the big bad guy in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Since we can't get him to shut up, we're just going to post his rant here and hope he finds a new obsession soon.

"Luke Skywalker is the new bad guy. Luke is the sith! Or whatever the main bad guy is called. You know the one behind the mask? That guy! It has to be. Luke loves to wear black, especially in the Ewok movie, and bad guys wear black. Plus, Luke is not on the new poster. Or is he? Yeah look at that guy wearing the mask. See! Kind of looks like Luke's ugly face, eh? Oh and you see that bad guy's deadly moves in the movie trailer. That Force stuff with the hand, it's pure evil and it's 100% a Son of Darth Vader move. Luke's the new bad guy, he's going to kill Han Solo, and everyone's going to be like 'Oh, yeah Scrappers called it.' You'll see. You know what, I'm making a Gif right now so you can see right now. No need to wait!"