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Dream Roll

Stay Wild

What’s Cooler than being a Biker Babe? 

Chilling with a Hundred Other Biker Babes in the Woods for the weekend.

by Becky Goebel // @actuallyitsaxel

The Dream Roll was exactly what we pictured when we came up with the name: a dreamy, lovely weekend in the woods with 300 other women—riding, partying, and getting naked under the moon. A sisterhood was forming from the moment the ladies started rolling into the event grounds, which was a landing strip used in the ‘20s near the base of Mount Adams in lower Washington. The roar of Harleys, café racers, choppers, sport bikes, and enduros was heard from miles away, and it was a pretty awesome feeling watching their faces light up when they finally got to the Dream Roll destination. Some of these babes came from Portland and LA, while others came from New York City and even Australia.

The first night was a rager. The tepee was hotboxed, the girls drank almost 1,000 free tallboys, and the DJ had the time of his life as over 100 ladies danced topless to his music. There were two massive dome-tents on the event grounds—one filled with vintage furniture and hanging hammocks, and the other a medicated ice-cream vendor giving out free samples (thank you to the state of Washington!) It’s a pretty rad feeling to have “met” a lot of these women on social media and then come together in a place with zero cell phone service. 

Photo by John Waller

Photo by John Waller

Saturday morning was full of coffee and raindrops. It was pretty obvious that it was going to be a wet day, but the babes were full of positive vibes. There was a ride-out to the ranger station about seven miles away where riders chose where they wanted to explore that day. Some went on a 70-mile ride around the entire park, exploring the volcanoes and canyons surrounding the national forest. Others hit up Lower Lewis River Falls where they were spotted skinny dipping in the rain, and others checked out the ice caves not too far from the camp site. No matter what road you chose to get lost on, there were cows, cliffs, and dozens of other ladies saluting you as you cruised past.

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

The sisterhood vibes were seriously strong that night. It was apparent that there were strong bonds made after the hurdles that were jumped because of the rain, the riding terrain, and the excitement of watching each other kill it on their bikes. Five bands played in the dome and a burn-out contest started going down in the spotlights turned on by the filmers. 

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

The days of being a woman and wild are here, and they are smiled upon. The Dream Roll has been looked at as a gathering of strong, independent women who just want to ride. Being able to bring this diverse gathering together is an honor, and I wouldn’t change the outcome of The Dream Roll 2015 for anything. Until next year, babes! 

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton

Photo by Lanakila MacNaughton