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The Magdalena Wosinska Experience

Stay Wild

Remember that time you felt so fucking free you ripped your clothes off and went running into the wilderness, uncontrollably laughing and howling with a small group of your best friends?

Well, that time may have been your peak. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a photo of it?

Magdalena Wosinska would have been the right photographer to have on hand for that moment, because she’d be running right along with you—laughing, shrieking and closing the shutter when you were at your finest.

Magdalena is a professional photographer, an adventure seeker, and a wild animal. And we love everything about her experience.

Magdalena is your name, but what the hell is the “Experience” in your nickname, “The Magdalena Experience”?

Well, the Magdalena Experience came about because of the Jimmy Hendrix Experience obviously, but I wanted to show it through a lifestyle in photos instead of music. I try to inspire people to travel and live life to the fullest.

You used to shoot skateboarding early on in your career. Do you see many other female photographers covering that stuff, or is it more of a bros-on-bros scene?

Back then it was only a bros scene, and even now—as it’s even more mainstream then when I started 15 years ago—it’s more of a boys’ club, but more and more women are for sure involved and accepted by the male-dominated skate community. I think the internet has helped a lot with that equality, because people can see all the great work that women have done in this scene!

There’s a sense of fearlessness and contented joy in all your photos. How do you get that sense to come out of the people you photograph?

Well, we are always having fun together so it’s not too hard!

There is power in being naked, and we think it goes way beyond the idea that “sex sells.” What kind of power does nakedness bring to your work?

It has nothing to do with sex. My friends and I are just hippies and feel restricted by clothes if it’s hot outside. Like snakes, we sit on hot stones and soak up the summer sun.

Do feminists ever come at you for objectifying women? Does anyone ever complain about you shooting half-naked dudes?

Ha, never. Thank God.

What’s your most “liked” photo?

Instagram. It’s one of me leaning over a cliff from a telephone pole, called “Balance,” and the real-deal photo is one of two bare butts on a beach with an American flag over our shoulders.

You sure have a lot of photos of beautiful ladies flashing the wilderness. Is there a message you want people to get from those shots?

Be free without tan lines and soak it all in.