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Spring 2015 // Release Party

Stay Wild

Stay Wild // Spring 2015
Free Adventure Magazine
Release Party + Birthday Party

April 1st (April Fools Day), 6-9pm

Worn Path
4007 N. Mississippi

Aura Photos by Radiant Human

Drinks by Brew Dr. Kombucha and New Belgium Brewing

In the Spring Issue you'll find stories about; Bicycle Camping in Death Valley, Los Angeles Hot Spring Etiquette, Naked Yoga, The Surf of Newfoundland, Pacific Northwest Cliff Jumping, A Sunglass Buyer’s Guide, The Truth Behind Vibey Aura Photography, A review of The One Motorcycle Show, Awesome Artwork, and More.

Also, it's our Birthday!!!!!!

You know that feeling you get when you stand on the edge of something really, really tall? Like your guts get scared and pull up and hide behind your ribs. Well, we’ve got that feeling as we stand on the edge of our Spring 2015 Issue.

A year ago, Spring 2014, we started this magazine to give voice to a community we had a hunch was out there. As soon as that first issue came out, we knew Stay Wild served a real community.

Together, we’ve helped redefine what adventure means in these modern times without turning the stuff we love into some kind of freaky fetish.

One year ago our Kickstarter got way overfunded with support. Our Instagram followers grew organically from 0 to 20,000. We’ve made over fifteen tiny movies about naked bike riding, motorcycle camping, skating in cities around the world, urban fly fishing, and stuff. We’ve published four beautiful, large format issues of the magazine (available online too), overflowing with a wide range of inspired adventure stories (sprinkled with a healthy dose of trouble). We’ve made friends with hundreds of high-quality distribution spots, including art galleries, outdoor stores, motorcycle coffee shops, radical surf shops, flagship stores, fancy boutiques, gnarly bike shops, and more.

Oh-Mah-Gawd! All that, and other waves of glory-infused success stories, was made possible in the shortness of a year.  

Happy Birthday, Stay Wild!
-Justin "Scrappers" Morrison