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Make Better "Stuff"

Stay Wild

Stay Wild has always had a hard time getting behind brands that make "stuff". It's not that we don't like "stuff", we love "stuff", it's just that most "stuff" is mindless careless fucking garbage with a cool color combo and nifty logo designed to imply everything is cool. Everything is not cool. Fear not, dear reader, because some brands are working to make "stuff" better and this is the "stuff" Stay Wild gets behind.

The Canadian surf & apparel brand Sitka is making "stuff" better! Other brands like Patagonia and Nau are making "stuff" better too, but today (Earth Day) marks the beginning of something new from Sitka; a crowd fund campaign for the Sitka Society for Conservation.

The Sitka Society for Conservation is a different way of doing business, a way to solve the inherent problems of consuming "stuff". By pitching into Sitka's crowdfund campaign donors will get a bunch of good "stuff", but they'll also get the satisfaction of directly helping steer the ship into more environmentally & socially responsible waters.

In their words, "Let’s face it, people will always buy and wear clothing (unless things start getting really awesome), but that doesn't mean it has to be done in an unsustainable manner. We believe it's the responsibility of businesses like ours to make a difference by making products that last and by giving back."

You can help make better "stuff" with Sitka.