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Stay Wild

After 10 years of adventures I'm selling my first home.

So many memories. I first bought when I was 22 and living back at my parents in Orange County. I didn't have a ton of money and wanted to save every scrap for travel and camera gear so I knew I needed alternative rent payments. My friend John Peck (pipeline pioneer and surfboard shaper) traded his 1974 VW Bus for one a couple year prior and said of the Ford Econoline van, "these things are the backbone of America." We took a month long trip to Baja in his and I was sold. I scoured craigslist for a white ford panel van.I found my 2 year old shimmering white beauty in Costa Mesa. It was the pride and joy of a Baja 1000 fanatic who outfitted it with a beefy suspension and all-terrain tires. Over the years it has given me a retreat from the hustle of Southern California. With it my program has been to get business done then take off for more rural places to work, surf and hike. About two and half years ago I converted it with the help of friends into a tiny house on wheels. It has now allowed me to cook and work comfortably and organize all of my surfboards and gear. It has never been my intention to sell it but a few months ago I ran into two brothers  in the middle of the desert with the largest Sprinter van I'd ever seen. I'd always been a Sprinter lover- German engineering, diesel engine... They had just boughten it and were looking to sell it and buy a school bus. It was a price I couldn't pass up and so I'm selling my baby to recoup my investment on the new van. It's going to be weird not having it around anymore, the new owner has to agree to let drive it around their block once a year ha. All good things must come to an end. 

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