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are your personal vibes real?

Stay Wild

Everything you ever wanted to know about Aura Photography but were too tripped out to ask.
An interview with Christina Lonsdale of Radiant Human


What was it like growing up in a hippy commune?

It was exactly what you would imagine; naked people, carob chips, and the great outdoors. I didn’t have a lunch box, I had a basket, and my name was Savatri, not Christina.

When you left home did you rebel against all that hippy shit?

I started rebelling when everything fell apart and we moved to California. This is when I went to public school for the first time, and I had a complete melt down because my mother refused to buy me white bread and bologna. It was the beginning of the end. I eventually moved to Los Angeles, joined a corporation, and embraced fashion.

Who turned you onto aura photography?

Auras and energy are pretty common dinner table talk with my parents. My mother actually paints auras and spirits that she sees in her meditations and my dad used to hang out with a lady who channeled the wizard Merlin - no joke. It was my dear friends Lisa Butterworth and Meredith Jenks that took me to get my first aura photo, though. It was an amazing experience and everything just clicked for me. I’ve always enjoyed vibey science and interactive art, so this was a perfect platform for me to explore my culture in a way that made sense to me.

What is an Aura?

It is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body.

How does the camera capture a person’s aura?

There are two hand sensors that translate your electromagnetic energy to a vibrational frequency, which then gets matched to a color (because color also has a vibrational frequency), and this color comes out as a second exposure on an instant polaroid photo.

What do the colors mean?

This is where the science ends, and we enter the fascinating world of color theory. I would have to write a book to tell you what all the colors mean, but I will give you the abbreviated version (but keep in mind abbreviations are always limited). Red is passionate and physical, orange is creative and good with people, yellow is optimistic and uninhibited, tan loves a to do list and a schedule, green is goal-oriented and deals with growth, blue is depth of emotion, trust, and loyalty, purple is the visionary, and white is higher awareness.

Are the aura colors some hippy mood ring magic, or are they actual science magic?

This is actual science magic. Mood rings deal with temperature, whereas this aura camera is an interactive tool that deals precisely with your natural electricity.

The Radiant Human dome studio is available for pop-ups and private events anywhere in the world.
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