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Mexican Birthday Party

Stay Wild

After a certain age birthdays tend to mellow out. They become less about you and more about the people you surround yourself with. A few weeks ago, my friends and I drove four hours south to an oasis along the Mexican coastline to celebrate another trip around the sun with our dear friend, Laurie. 

We set up camp at an overlook just above a fun point break and spent copious amounts of time basking in the desert sun. Equipped with just under two dozen surf crafts, ten beautiful humans, and three pallets of beer, we had way too much fun. While eating roadside churros in the two and half hour border line wait, we collectively came to the realization that being disconnected from our cellular devices makes us exponentially happier. Life is better when you share memories with the people you want to be with. With that being said, our newfound longing for disconnect didn't stop us from clogging our Instagram feeds for the next week. 

Adventure by Evan Schell