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The Klamath Adventure Club

Stay Wild

Stay Wild Magazine Sent Five Creative Explorers on an Adventure to Klamath, Oregon with a Loose Map, Some Goods, and Total Creative Freedom. 

Here’s What They Came Back With.

Story by Liz Ibarra // @lizibarra

Alin Dragulin // @alindragulindotcom

Lexi Smith & Cody Cheng // @stateofmindstudio

Monica Mo // @i_am_monicamo

“Adventure is jumping into water you’ve never jumped into before, upside-down and with your eyes closed. It’s when everything you planned goes absolutely wrong and you find yourself on the side of a mountain overlooking a river, in hot springs during pouring rain, drinking beer with people you just met.” -Liz

“Adventure is probably different to everyone.” -Monica

“At first it was a little scary, and gave us anxiety because we didn’t know what exactly we were doing, and didn’t know these people. It was a wonderful surprise how closely and quickly friendship can form when you’re put in an uncomfortable situation.” -Lexi

“The hot spring we went to was unlike any I’ve been to. Water hot enough to cook ramen in starts at the top of a hillside and collects in six pools downhill, where it gradually gets cooler and collects more dead skin and used bandaids. Naturally everyone wants to make it to the top where the water is warmest and pure. But that pool is always taken, so you have to start at the bottom and work your way up like you’re climbing a hippie corporate ladder.” -Alin

“I’m kind of a loner so I don’t go out of my way to meet people. Lexi started to chat up a couple guys we met at the hot springs, and it turns out they were on a bro trip, rock climbing and sightseeing around Washington and Oregon. She invited them to camp with us and we had a lovely visit with them around the campfire. They were nice guys and they didn’t kill us!” -Alin

“It felt like we were all 10 years old again, without a care or worry in the world and just having some pure fun.” -Lexi

“Klamath has tons of great roadside flowers.” -Liz


Element for clothing and skateboards // elementbrand.com

Sanuk for footwear // sanuk.com

Burton for backpacks and camp gear // burton.com

Proof for sunglasses // iwantproof.com

Oru for Kayaks // orukayak.com

Biolite for electricity // bioliteenergy.com

Celestron for binoculars // celestron.com

Scout Books for Doodling // scoutbooks.com