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Vancouver Swimmin Club

Stay Wild

Exploring the Secretly Swimmable Side of Funcouver

Water slides, salt water pools, cliffs to jump, a nude beach, and swimming holes at the end of most streets makes this side of urban Canada all about aquatic adventure. 

Photo by  Mirae Campbell

Photo by Mirae Campbell

English Bay

The waterslide is dope. Sure, you’ll be in line with kids to go down, but growing up is overrated.

Pro tip: Hit this spot at sunset. The tide is higher, the water is deeper, and the lighting is beautiful.

Photo by  Mirae Campbell

Photo by Mirae Campbell

Lions Bay

Along the Sea-to-Sky Highway (the 99), there are a few places to enjoy some awesome cliff jumping, rope-swinging, and tree jumping spots along with some mellow float sessions.

Pro tip: Like all other spots around Vancouver, the water is deeper during high tide. Go when it’s deepest, because the drop is far and you don’t want to hit bottom. 


This area is bumping in the summer and can get filled up pretty quickly. On hot summer days it’s packed with volleyball players, paddle boarders, swimmers jumping off the dock, or people enjoying Canada’s largest pool.

Pro tip: Walk past the pool and down the trail to the secret beach. Less people, more chill time, and a sweet swing.

Jericho Beach

Just down from Kits beach, Jericho has a badass view of the city. 

Pro tip: Go beyond the crowd to the driftwood log pile, blow up floaties, and soak.

Deep Cove

We piled onto a boat and witnessed wakeboard wizardry from our dude Bob Soven.

Pro tip: Swing by Honey Donuts for some melt-in-your-mouth goodness on the way to the glazed water.

Lynn Canyon

The world is full of crazy inspiration, cool ideas, and things that are way more dangerous than they seem. This spot is one of them. While the natural rock waterslide and cliff jumps attract a ton of people, you have to climb past caution signs beyond a suspension bridge to make it to this spot.

Pro tip: Due to rain and snow melt water levels are constantly changing, so please be aware of the factors.

Wreck Beach

Two things you see at Wreck: the most incredible sunsets and a whole lot of nakedness. 

Pro tip: Clothing is optional, but good times are mandatory.

Now that you know where to go swimming in Vancouver, be smart, be safe, and keep these places cleaner than you found them.

Words by Ally Pintucci

Photography by Mirae CampbellAlly PintucciAdam Walker

Wakeboard Wizardry by Bob Soven

Videography by Geoff Hewat

Swimming by Ola Krol, Julian DeSchutter, Alisha Cowderoy, Chelsea Keenan, Steve Vanderhoek, Mirae Campbell, Ally Pintucci, Adam Walker

Production by Katherine “Mama Bear” Curran


This adventure was made with help from our friends at Sanuk

@sanuk // sanuk.com