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Jollydaze Gift Guide // Week 1

Stay Wild

It's the Jollydaze again and we're here to help with the Gift Giving. Here are a couple ideas of goods we think are good to give. We'll have more gift ideas every week in December, so keep checking in.

Sanuk // sanuk.com
Feet are ugly. Feet are the deformed and neglected underworld of the human body. Feet are tortured artists. Feet have weird taste that our beautiful brains will never understand. Fuzzy slippers are pure poetry for the feet.
Shor-Knitty // $65

Uppercut Deluxe // uppercutdeluxe.com
Guys are filthy and disgusting wild animals, but they clean up pretty good when they have a good reason. The reason is usually sex. Who am I kidding. The reason is always sex! If it wasn’t for sex we’d have no reason to clean our hairy wild animal bodies.
Combo Kit // $45

Arbor // arborcollective.com
I saw a cactus wearing sunglasses riding this big mountain gun. The arrowhead tip of the board drove right through a silver rainbow causing it to shatter into a million mirrored diamonds dancing in the parking lot under a flickering street light. The music was all slashy, surf-styled synth and heavy metal drums with a full symphony of disco high notes.
Shreddy Krueger // $499.95

Danner // danner.com
This is a collaboration boot with Topo Designs. I’d like to see this boot on Smokey the Bear as he stomps out a cannabis joint ceaselessly dropped by the cartoon beatnik bear Yogi. Smokey would be kind of mad, but he’d give Yogi a hug and say, “If not you, who?”
Danner Ridge Dark Brown // $380

Burton // burton.com
Your camp chair is embarrassing. It shows up to the campfire all drunk on wine coolers, lighting cigarettes backwards, saying “Duuuude” for no reason, and falling over all the time. It has no style, no personality, no polka dots! Dump your old chair and fall in love with this one!
Free // Watch our Instagram feed for details @staywildmagazine

All Good // allgxxd.com
The world needs a puffy vest to stuff its hands into right now. The wind is blowing harder, the cold is a motherfucker, and the politics are total bullshit. We just need to hold tight in our puffy vest and wait for the right moment to move. The time will come when we trade our vest in for battle armor, but for right now let it be your bunker in the storm.
The Tourist // $88

Proof // iwantproof.com
These shades are made of recycled aluminum & sustainably sourced wood. They are also made of Top Gun VHS tapes, sunlight dancing on the bottom of a trout filled river, trout dreams, ice cream frost, and the feeling you get when you stand at the edge of a really high cliff.
Sundance Aluminum // $130

The Original Nomad // theoriginalnomad.com
Where would you take a portable hot tub? Really, just think about that. What a nice thing to think about.
et One // $650

Element // Element.com
The world is covered in cement, so it's only natural that today's nature lover would bring a skateboard on a hike. 
Black Sky Explorer Elite // $84