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Jolly Daze Gift Guide // Week 4

Stay Wild

The Jollydaze are here! It's the last freaking second! Don't PANIC, we're here to help with the Gift Giving. Here are a couple ideas of goods we think are good to gift. 

See See Ninja Suit // myairblaster.com

I don’t wear underwear unless it’s really cold. I also don’t get a bag when I get my burrito to go. I tell them to just put that warm little baby into the palm of my hand because I don’t have time to dick around. I need to keep moving. Pretty sure this See See motorcycle ninja suit feels the same way about burritos to go.


Wine // unionwinecompany.com

Wine in a can? Heck yes! It's easy to hike with and might be the finest wine made in Oregon. Grab yourself a can while your at it!

Ginew // ginewusa.com

I’ve been bike commuting in this American-made Selvedge Denim Rider jacket for about a month now and the it has fully formed to my body. It’s starting to steer the bike. It aims the handlebars toward forest trails, waterfalls, and berry patches. $315


Look. You’re shopping at the last second, so just be real about it. Everyone loves pickles. Go to any grocery store and buy a jar of basic pickles. Feeling fancy? Fuck it, get the expensive kind! 

Slightly Choppy // shop-slightlychoppy.com

There are not enough flags to fly for the places we love. Countries, states, and cities have flags. Now surf breaks do too!


Junioper Ridge // juniperridge.com

If you love nature on either a practical or spiritual level you love the way nature smells. So give the give of good smelling nature stuff.



Schwood // Schwoodshop.com

There are actual seashells in these wooden sunglasses! It’s pretty kewl how these guys are always experimenting with natural things. 


Stay Wild Art // staywildmagazine.com

If you looove pictures so much maybe you'll looove the Stay Wild Print Show. It's a collection of printed pictures from our favorite artists like: kozyndan, Souther Salazar, Joseph Harmon, David Powell, Laura Berger, Scott Patt, 3 Fish Studios, Stephanie Buer, Sean Morris, Michael C. Hsiung, Skinner, and Scrappers.