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Biking around town with BIKETOWN

Stay Wild

Delivering the magazine around town with BIKETOWN

by Scrappers


I used Portland’s new bike share program called BIKETOWN to deliver magazines downtown. Everywhere I went people came up to ask about the bike.

Here’s what they said:

“How heavy is it?”

One old man insisted on picking it up to confirm that it’s super freaking heavy. These bike are designed to hold up like public transportation. They are built solid like tanks.

“How many people can we get on it?”

Two large guys borrowed it to ride down the sidewalk. One sat on the seat the other on the back fender’s solar panel. I bet you could get at least 4 people on one of these. The basket is heavy duty and would make a great place to rest your ass.

“Is it better than having your own bike?”

BIKETOWN is a great alternative to using a taxi, Smart Car, or any sort of oil-powered contraption to get around the city. No parking trouble. No traffic trouble. Heck, it’s faster than the buss. Is it better than my bike? No freaking way broh! My vintage 10-speed with the rainbow stripe and burger-shaped bell is the only bike I will ever love.

“How do you get the bike?”

It’s super easy. Just download the BIKETOWN app on your phone. It took me 5 minutes to set up my account and 5 minutes to walk to the nearest bike rack. See for yourself >>>

“The bright orange makes the bikes more visible on the road.”

Totally, it’s like a silent protest for bike commuters.

“Too bad about the logo”

Yeah, but I can’t think of a bike logo that I love. But then again, I don’t love any logos.

“I heard they designed the bike after a Nike shoe box.”

Oh, yeah. I guess so. I just thought it was orange.

“How do you like the NIKE bike? Swooooosh….”

Oh my gawd! I really don’t give a shit about the big company that helped fund this awesome project. People. Can we please go beyond the superficial look of the bike and look at what this bike program does for the environment and for the general health of the community?  

“How much does it cost”

$2.50 for a half hour. $12 for 24 hours, but you only get 180 minutes with each bike. (I rode a bike for longer and got charged a small fee.) $12 a month for a year (90 minutes a day).

"Are there gears?"

Yeah, there are 8 speeds that shift from the handle grip. Lot's of feature are built into the bike like the lights and a friendly bell. Heck, even the part that turns the wheel is built in, so you'll never have to mess with the chain derailing.

“They don’t supply helmets?”

Nope. And sidewalks don’t supply shoes either. I brought my own helmet, but haven’t seen anyone else ride a BIKETOWN bike with a helmet. So it’s totally your call. 

“Want to trade?”

A newspaper delivery guy with a bike cart I was peddling next to handed me a Portland Mercury in trade for a Stay Wild

BIKETOWN is really cool. You should take one for a ride. But be prepared to talk to random people about the bike. Sign up today >>>