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Stay Wild // Gift Guide

Stay Wild


It's the Jollydaze again and we're here to help with the Gift Giving. Here are a couple ideas of goods we think are good to give. We'll have more gift ideas every week in December, so keep checking in.


Burton // burton.com

Some of us have been Man Wolfing for so long our ski masks have grown too stinky to wash. Burn your old mask on a rooftop under a full moon and get a new one to howl through. 

Joliet Balaclava // $24.95


Alite Designs // alitedesigns.com

This is not a solo situation. You need an adventure buddy to walk around with in these fluffy knapsacks. That’s why they zip together! 

Sexy Hotness Sleeping bag // $179


Snow Peak // snowpeak.com

When we hugged it felt weird. Then you pulled the collapsable metal camp stove out of your shirt pocket. We hugged again and it felt way better. We boiled water for tea on a windy Californian island and it was ready in about three minutes. I fell in love with this stove. I could see why you keep it in your shirt pocket, closer to your heart.

GeoShield Stove // $115.95


Proof // iwantproof.com

“See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me
And no one knows, how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know, how far I’ll go” — Moana

Grove // $130


Arbor Collective // arborcollective.com

The sweetest part of this board is the environmentally friendly, sugar-based urethane formula in it’s wheels. 

Pilsner Solstice // $150


Vans // vans.com

“It’s raining, it’s snowing, rise up and get going.” - Brother Goose

SK8-HI MTE // $90


Kodama Zomes // kodamazomes.com

Climb into my peace dome. Let’s eat salad and learn about survival from the ferns growing off the thousand-year-old trees above us.

Hanging Lounger // $5,4000


GoPro // gopro.com

Drones are the new JetSki©. Super-annoying, peaceful-moment-destroyers, but also awesome if you’re the one playing with it. Just like the JetSki© and other brands of boatercycle, drones should be used responsibly. GoPro’s drone is not just a drone. You can use the steady-cam, backpack strap mount, and tiny waterproof camera to capture moments without buzzing around dronnoying everyone.

Karma // $1,099