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Stay Wild // Gift Guide

Stay Wild


It's the Jollydaze again and we're here to help with the Gift Giving. Here are a couple ideas of goods we think are good to give. We'll have more gift ideas every week in December, so keep checking in.


Sierra Designs // sierradesigns.com

This 2-person-party-mobile can be yours if you win our giveaway contest >>>

Flashlight // $199


Sanuk // Sanuk.com

Remember that part in the gladiator movie 300 where they’re all chilling out around the beach fire laughing as the black beard big boobs guy does his wiggle dance to the sweet rhythm of calypso music? No? Whelp, I remember it, and he was totally wearing these lady sandals! 

Yoga Mariposa // $65


Ginew // ginewusa.com

I’ve been bike commuting in this American-made Selvedge Denim Rider jacket for about a month now, and it has fully formed to my body. It’s starting to steer the bike. It aims the handlebars toward forest trails, waterfalls, and berry patches. 

Selvedge Denim Rider // $345


Poler // polerstuff.com

Fuck it, let’s party in satin hats! 

Chances with Wolves // $29.95


Last Chance // lastchancetextiles.com

Bandanas are a multitool. A bandana keeps your neck warm and from getting sunburned. A bandana keeps the blood in your body when you cut it open doing rad stuff. So get a good bandana. This one is made in California out of raw silk noil and dyed with natural indigo.

Dot-Danna // $45


Mowgli Surf // mowglisurf.com

Don’t freak out! Be cool. I know the assholes are pooping in your face, but stay chill for now. Let that bullshit slide off your face. Just be cool and watch the sunset and fuck that bullshit.

New Beginnings // $42


Latigo Coffee // latigocoffee.com

This coffee subscription comes as a care package full of fresh roasted beans from around the world and random surprises. Sometimes the surprise is a rad sticker from Venice, and other times it’s wise words from Jonathan Livingston Seagull. 

Subscription // $10-30


All Good // allgxxd.com

Win This & Gift It! Follow @AllGxxd and tag your adventure buddies to win this multi-pack featuring a detachable Hip Pack, Removable Laptop Bag, and other useful pouches to stuff with your stuff. 

30-Day Bag // $69


Levi’s Vintage // levi.com

Once the mushrooms started to kick in, Billy walked away from the campfire and roller coaster laughter of his friends. Beyond the warm firelight, he found a Joshua Tree ablaze in the blue starlight of the Universe. A single tear rolled down his cheek and into his beard. He was barefoot. He ripped his trippy shirt off and howled like a coyote. He was free. He was wild. He took his pants off. He stepped right onto a sharp cactus thorn. He howled again, but in pain. He was high as fuck and never saw that shirt again.

1960’s Shorthorn Shirt // Priceless