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Stay Wild Gift Guide

Stay Wild


It's the Jollydaze again and we're here to help with the Gift Giving. Here are a couple ideas of goods we think are good to give. We'll have more gift ideas every week in December, so keep checking in.


Mokuyobi // mokuyobi.com

The art of making backpacks has reached new levels today. Since we are lucky enough to be alive during this golden era of backpacks, let’s rejoice and fill all the pockets in our packs with pizza, kombucha, golden raccoon teeth, 12-sided dice, sunflower sprouts, and other cultural treasures.

Camp Bag // $126

Terrapin_Hero-copy1-621x1024 copy.jpg

Arbor Collective // arborcollective.com

A thirst for fun is all you need to justify having this 145 cm surf punk inspired snowboard in your quiver.

TERRAPIN // $499


Industry Of All Nations // industryofallnations.com

100% organic cotton. 100% natural dye. 100% traditional block print made in India by master crafters. 100% thank you for making rad stuff.

Batik Flamingo Pocket Crew // $85

Olukai Ladies.jpg

Olukai // olukai.com

The most elegant lady stops walking, crouches down, and pets the neighborhood cat. She noticed its tag says “Mahalo.” Is that the Hawaiian word for “thank you” or is that just the cat’s name? Either way the lady is wearing these sandals in the movie adaptation of this imaginary moment.

‘Upena // $90


Sudio // sudiosweden.com

I dance like one of those used car lot air ballon guys with my arms flapping around above my head. It’s not a very popular dance move, but it feels good man. It can get dangerous at work spilling coffee on blouses, kicking recycling bins over, and wires always tangle up my moves. That’s why I use these wireless headphones.

Regent // $99


Brilliant Bikes // brilliant.co

Bikes are brilliant! We should bike every day! It feels good and biking is gooder than driving a big dumb car. These bikes are super fun to customize online, easy to order, and fast to assemble when they’re mailed to your doorstep. Burn your car and ride a bike!

Astor // $300


Cameron Balloons // cameronballoons.com

I was just being polite when I asked how your weekend was and now you’re telling me about the famous people you know and how your friend thinks one way and you think another way. I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t fucking care about your people problems.
I need a personal hot air balloon to lift me up out of this conversation. I need a graceful escape.

The Hopper // $23,000

Olukia sneaker.jpg

Olukai // olukai.com

You know that limbo zone between an awesome deep water cliff jump splash and slippery sharp unforgiving rock that wants to see what your broken bones look like? That limbo zone is way nicer to walk in with shoes like these.

Nohea Moku // $95