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Notions of Companionship

Stay Wild

By Jill Bliss

Each of us has a unique perspective and a responsibility to share our experience with others. These are some of my daily offerings via social media. Visual expressions of multiple lives I experience in the islands of the Salish Sea. This is the love and beauty I see in my home region, on our shared planet, in myself, in all of us—human and other. Wild joy of living and decay.

Other people confuse my solitude in these remote places for loneliness, but I am never alone. Places like these demand you expand your notion of companionship. Most of my daily companions are not human. Yet we are all here—interwoven, integrated, living together. 

The unnatural human systems of extreme individualism and separateness cannot take root here. They cannot be sustained. Out here I experience our world’s self-regulating system of which I am a (very small) part. I am a participant, but mostly I am here to learn by observation. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, but I blunder often. I have so much to learn, still.