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Tent Time

Stay Wild

Words by Scrappers

Photos by Sera Lindsey

It's summer time. We're all sleeping outside. We need tents to live in. These are our favorites. 

Heimplanet // heimplanet.com

“The Cave” tent is like a balloon animal from space. This future tent’s poles are balloon tubes full of air. Could you imagine how much grief this saves on a long backpacking trip? The Cave is a 2–3 person tent. If we camped on the moon, we’d use this tent!

The Cave // $700


Snow Peak // snowpeak.com

This double bubble comfortably fits 4 people and 4 dogs inside the main tent. The indoor patio portion of the tent is big enough to hang out in or just store your dusty dancing boots while you sleep under the finest umbrella of Japanese camping technology.

Amenity Dome // $449.95


Beckel // beckelcanvas.com

This canvas tent by Portland-based Beckel Canvas floats above the ground like a ghost. It’s ideal for nature-lovers who actually like to sleep on the earth. We love the heck out of sleeping on the dirt, but feel free to lay down a tarp or fancy carpet! These puppies are made to order and very customizable. 

Eena Wall Tent // Price depends on how you want it made.


REI // rei.com

Sometimes you need a party tent. A tent you can destroy. A tent for critters to chew through. A tent little kids can play in and doodle on with markers. A tent you can barf in. I really don’t see a better option for a party tent than this one.

Camp Dome 2 // $99.95


Burton // burton.com

This old school mushroom-patterned tent sleeps six people, has built-in cup holders, and wants to party like a young Neil Young tripping balls at a festival for dreamers and beardos! 

FREE (We’re giving one away on Instagram.) Go check it out >>