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The Captain’s Porch

Stay Wild

A place to reconsider time as movement

Words by Justin “Scrappers” Morrison // @scrappers

Photos by Sera Lindsey // @portablesera


Is time just movement? 

The mechanical numbers of the clock.

The fluid embrace of the tide.

The slow burn of the sunrise.

The timeless crawl of the starfish.

They’re all movements happening at different speeds. 

If time is movement then the speed of movements can vary and I get to choose which movement to give my attention to.

The ETA of life can be optimistic openness to whatever happens whenever it happens.

When I am still and distant from pressing city obligation I can choose what movements to give my attention to. I am never late, never early, never wasting time, or stressed out.

The Captain Whidbey is a place to reconsider time as movement. 


The skipping stone fireplace crackles in the log cabin Lodge. A pebble tossed off the footbridge into the water sends ripples toward the Lagoon Rooms. A seal pops it’s head up for air and to snarl at a smoker on the deck of a waterfront Cabin. All these movements causing different times to believe in.


The Captain Whidbey has witnessed the old up and down of every tide and cosmic movement since it’s 1907 construction. It’s log walls have given people like myself a place to relax and reconsider life from the perspective of a Pacific Northwestern island. Driftwood, rocks, shells, and other natural treasures pile up and await their discovery on the beach below. Cattle and organic produce farms down the road and seafood harvesters in boats outside bring what you’ll find on the Captain’s menu. Psychedelic swirls of orange and red bark peel at their own speed from the evergreen trunks of madrone trees hanging off the cove cliff as if they are getting ready to jump in for a swim. 

You can see movement and time in any way you like from the Captain’s porch.




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