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Stay Wild


by Manny Aloha // @mannyaloha

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 3.27.18 PM (1).png

In 1983 at ten years old I remember walking into school in Suffern, New York with my checkerboard slip-on Vans and kids laughing at me. I said to them, “Ok, but one day you’ll be wearing these too.”

I’ve been skateboarding for 35 years, surfing for almost 20, and creating art for at least 25 years. Vans were around way before I started any of these passions.

I grew up in the suburbs of New York but my parents divorced in 1980 and my dad moved to California. Although I was mad and sad, the next summer changed my life in the raddest way ever. To keep up with him jogging on the Redondo Beach bike path, my dad bought my brother and I our first skateboards and soon our first pair of Vans. I know I’m getting a little personal here but when I think of Vans, these are the emotional touch stones that are stepped on. Vans have been by my side through all the raddest times as well as through all my life drama, and maybe it’s the same for you. If a shoe could be a best friend...

Thats enough about me lets talk about the product.


One of the coolest things about any new Vans collection is that you can always count on finding their Core Classics. There’s nothing worse than loving a pair of sneakers then finding out that, “Oh that was last year’s model.” I’m so stoked that I can always find the same sneaker I fell in love with 35 years ago.

The word is that next year is all about the COMFYCUSH -super light, super cush, and equipped with the collapsible kickdown heal! I don’t know about you but I’m stoked to try’em out.


Deep down, I really wanted to keep this secret, but this sneak was easily my favorite in the showroom. Even though I’ve never done this yet, I imagine rocking these with jeans and a sports jacket. They scream unique laid-backness and when I look at them I say yes I want those. Mixed Quilting and True White Available Feb.1, 2019


Artist Yusuke Hanai’s classic style and Vans are like cheese, crackers and fine wine. I’m not gonna lie, as an artist, I’m a little envious. Congrats Yusuke! You’re officially my latest role model.


I’m so sorry but I’ve come to realize that my vocabulary is often limited to “awesome”, “so rad”, “totally”, and “so stoked”. With that said, I think it’s totally awesome that Vans design just as many kid sneakers as they do for adults. They make a sneaker for every age and every personality. There’s no doubt that its time to get my 3 year old his first pair. Time to hit up Grandma and Grandpa.


More info at VANS.COM