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Welcome to the House of Nau

Stay Wild

“Nau” means “welcome” in some language you probably don’t speak, but that’s ok because you know what it means.

Welcome is the gesture you make when you invite people into your home.

It’s also the gesture you make when you welcome adventure into your life.

This is the story of Nau.

A clothing company let us into their home and let us join their adventure. We came across some stuff that we found interesting and turned it into this little story you're reading. We’ve never told a story like this before—it’s kind of scary doing new things.

[Deep breath.]
Here we go. Click here to read our story>>

Come to the Nau opening party and grab a printed copy of the story along with the new issue of Stay Wild magazine!

Party with us at Nau’s Portland store opening.
Tuesday, Nov 17, 6-9pm
304 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209


Drinks by Brew Dr. Kombucha and Thomas & Sons Distillery

If you’re in a shopping mood, Nau is offering 30% off their Recycled Down Collection. What’s so cool about recycled down? Ask a bird. They’ll tell you it means they get to live free. Free as a bird!

The first 25 people through the door will score the above limited edition screen print. The print was made as a collaboration between Nau and Stay Wild. It's an idea we both believe in wholeheartedly. It was designed and printed by creative director Alison Ross.