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Stay Wild Jollydaze Gift Guide: Part Three

Stay Wild

We're going crazy over here getting all this fucking shit done in just the St. Nick of time. Ahhhh! Hate this...I mean, ummmmm.... Happy Jollydaze! Here's Part Two of our Gift Guide. It's mostly stuff we want to buy ourselves, but maybe it'll give you some ideas too.

Biltwell makes the most joyful helmets on the market. We won't be happy till we see every biker, skaters, bicyclists, mountaineer, and VW bus driver wearing one of these.

Edgevale comes out of Oakland which is pretty close to Yosemite. Maybe that's why their clothes look like something fully approved by John Muir.

Bureo Skateboards are made from recycled fish nets. That's good for the ocean and it's good for you when you want to cruise down the block to grab a fish taco.

Sitka is mostly know for making sexy clothes for the Pacific Northwest, but they also make some random goods that are super useful and cooler than polar bear toe nails.

Uppercut Deluxe helps dudes not be so ugly. Come on guys, it's not that hard to make a little effort for the rest of the world. If we have to look at you while you're being awesome make it good!

Beast and Babe makes rad dog stuff for rad dog lovers. Be nice to your fuzzy friends this Jollydaze!

Evil Good Underground makes a lot of inspired stuff, but this coffin surfboard deserved a Nobel Peace Prize! You paddle out with this baby and people will give you their waves just to see the board move.

Bush Smarts make smart stuff for the bush. Mostly its simple camp cookery stuff, but these spoons look so simple and natural they must have been pulled right out of a beaver damn.

Pack NW just started making these rucksacks. They look even better than the Hobo Tote we reviewed and use daily to haul stuff to the post office on the bike in the rain.

The North Face makes great snow gear. Next time we go snow boarding on the Big Island of Hawaii's Mauna Kea we know just what to wear!

Indosole reused old motorcycle tires for the soles of their shoes. That alone is reason enough to grab a pair, but they also have some killer designs.