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Stay Wild Jollydaze Gift Guide: Part Four

Stay Wild

Happy Jollydaze! Here's Part Four of our Gift Guide. Fuck it, buy this stuff for yourself!

Chris Burkard makes your favorite cold-water surfing photos! So why not have this large-format book full of them? This photographer is the real deal and probably in the middle of a life-risking adventure right now and if you buy this book from him you'll be pitching in to help him do more inspiring work.

Finex pans will make you a better looking cook around the campfire or in your cute little kitchen.

Locals are the official rubbah slippah of the Hawaiian islands. They even sell these buggas at the gas stations & grocery stores. Eh, bra! Get da kin, yeah!

The Roark Revival makes manly stuff for manly men. They're all about adventure and helping you not look like a fucking tool while you're out doing your awesome thing.

Poler made a game-changing tent this year. Now all tents are going to have super colorful fun patterns. Deal with it!

Snow Peak + Nau = LOOOOVE! We love this whole collaboration between two of the sexiest brands on the market today. This kimono trench coat takes the cake though.

Poler & Airblaster's Ninja Suit teamed up to make a classic pair of long-john's with a national forest meets space ninja outfit. You'll be seeing a lot of these at the lodge, around the campfire and hanging from a branch next to the hot spring in 2015.  

Holga cameras are fun toys that everyone should play with. That's all we have to say about that.

The Athletic makes good breathable socks. Everyone loves socks. Especially people who use their feet. So get some new socks

Picture Organic makes great snow gear. Some of it makes you look like an astronaut on acid, but that's actually a pretty good look for you.

Alite Designs make super fun outdoor gear. If you need more joy in your life get something from them, go outside, and high-5 the world.

Brushwood makes nice wooden shades. Wood is better than the usual plastic because it's a renewable resource. You should buy things that don't fuck the world up so much!