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25 randomly awesome things about Florida by Lady Adventures

Stay Wild

Lady Adventures are two super inspiring friends out in the wildness with their sails full of lady power. And hey, sometime lady power means wearing bikinis year-round and swimming with manatees in Floridian paradise. Deal with it!

Here are Lady Adventures top 25 most awesome things about Florida:

 1.  Bikini weather nearly year round.
 2.  Waterfront Camping.
 3.  Hurricane Parties.
 4.  Pool Parties... year round.  
 5.  You can watch the sunrise over the Atlantic then drive across the state to watch it set on the gulf side, all in one day... and our golden hours are simply gorgeous.
 6.  Fresh seafood... better yet, catching it yourself (scallops and lobster included).
 7.  Fresh water springs, which are 72 degrees always.
 8.  Boiled Peanuts stands on so many roads.
 9.  We put Bieber behind bars.
 10.  It rains a lot but the rain storms only last a few hours at most.
 11.  The Everglades.
 12.  Florida is a melting pot of cultures and has a wide array of foods... from Cuban to Vietnamese we got it all.
 13.  Manatee! The Florida State mammal.
 14.  Accessibility to all water sports... scuba, snorkeling, SUP, surfing, kite-boarding, kayaking.
 15.  You’re never far from a body of water to jump in.
 16.  Citrus and produce stands are easy to find on back roads and straight from the farm.
 17.  663 miles of beaches.
 18.  Being a mermaid is actually a legitimate career choice in Florida.
 19.  Florida is the only state in the continental US to have extensive coral reefs right off its coasts.
 20.  We live where most of the rest of the country vacations and retires.
 21.  Alligators, flamingos, and pelicans.
 22.  Florida likes to party... and we continue to party after everyone else leaves from Spring Break, Bike Week, music festivals, etc.
 23.  We ride bikes places on the regular... farmers markets, brunch, the beach, the lake, the springs, work, bars, trails and even over old railroads (via Rails to Trails).
 24.  Florida is weird... I mean you see us in the news right?
 25.  Did we mention bikinis year round?

Here are some extra bonus questions we asked Lady Adventures:

What the heck is Lady Adventures?

Florida girls filled with wanderlust brought together by a love of adventures, damn good food, thrifting, an obsession with living life to the fullest and taking photos.

Lady Adventures was spawned by our shared passion for exploring nature, taking road-trips, eating great food and finding hidden gems of the secret spot and vintage kind. Out of the ashes of our lives’ unfortunate events, we shunned our day-to-day each weekend and used every ounce of free time to get lost in nature, only to find our true selves. Thus, Lady Adventures was named and founded.

We believe in bringing life back to the basics. Food tastes better when cooked over a campfire. Sand in our hair, freckles sun kissed on our skin, smelling of spring water, salty air, dirt, campfire and other earthly delights are the luxuries offered by our second home in nature. Uneven tan lines, battle scars, bruises on our bodies, and aching muscles are all worthwhile sacrifices for the good of the adventure.

How did you both meet?

We met on myspace (yay social media) about nine years ago. Both of us were involved in different genres of the local music scene in Orlando and we kept coming across each other on myspace but never ran into each other around town. So after seeing Sara post something calling someone out on myspace for something lame, Genevieve sent Sara a message saying something to the extent of "you seem rad, there aren't enough rad chicks in Orlando, we should hang out." However, Sara was leaving for San Francisco to study at Academy of Art University and the two of us remained myspace pen pals for the next year. When Sara moved back to Orlando, we met for sushi then decided to sit and talk on some steps off a side street... we talked for nearly 4 hours. Our relationship continued on the same path as our first meeting, involving either sushi and wine or cheese and wine or any other food... and wine, followed by hours of sitting in a park at Winter Park and talking. We often talked about our shared yearning for travel but were bogged down with jobs, relationships, bills, blah, blah, blah. So it took us about 8 years before we finally said "what the hell are we waiting for?" and started hitting the road every chance we got.

What do you want Lady Adventures to turn into?

What a loaded question with an ever evolving answer! We would love Lady Adventures to continue encouraging women and men alike to explore nature and their surroundings. We get asked all the time how it is possible that we adventure as much as we do and the simple answer is that we do not go very far! Our trip costs are minimal with our destinations being reachable with a tank or two of gas, $20/person or less for tent camping, and cooking over a campfire is usually less expensive than going out to a restaurant. Ideally we would both like to quit our jobs and adventure full time, shedding light on the amazing places and activities that are not only in Florida, but in every state and North America. Once we conquer that we hope to hit Central and South America... and then take over the world! Keeping Central Florida as a "home base" of sorts we would love to open an adventure storefront where locals can go on excursions with us or purchase all of their adventuring needs from paddleboards to camping gear. That's providing we don't sell everything we own, get ourselves a rad adventure-mobile, and hit the road with no destination in mind. The future is wide open for Lady Adventures and we're currently just riding the wave of awesome.

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