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Plant-Made Shades

Stay Wild

But what about the plants? It's like all we do is care about humans. That's all we do. It's true! We're a cancer on the Earth eating away at every available resource until it's gone and the polar bears melt to death (seriously!).

So if you're one of those "Fuck it, it's cheap, I'll buy it!" kind-of-sunglass-person you need to get your head out of your butthole and start buying things that won't kill polar bears (for reals!).

Zeal Optics makes plant-based sun glasses that look freaking cool. Plus they're 100% biodegradable because they're made of plant stuff. If you plop them in a river, drop them off a mountain top, or lose them while riding a giant avalanches it's not even "littering" it's "composting".

We tried some of Zeal's shades out on some of our favorite plants. They didn't seem to mind that the shades where made of their same life-juices and you've got to admit these fruits look cooler wearing these shades.

Plants will think you're cool if you wear these shades!!!

Who wants to win a pair of plant-made shades? You do!

Just repost this pineapple and tag Stay Wild magazine & Zeal Optics. Whoever gets the most likes gets the shades. Repost from Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr

You're Welcome!