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Stay Wild

Let's explore the tender relationship between surfer and photographer. Shall we?

John Hook is a pretty regular contributing photographer here at Stay Wild, so when we saw him hanging out with our favorite surfer Kahana Kalama at the new Aloha Sunday store in Honolulu, we were like, “WHAAAAAT!? These two dudes are making sweet, bromantic magic together?” Check out the photos John shot of Kahana surfing, as well as the “love notes” they wrote about each other.

Kahana Heart's John

"We linked up for a measly 2ft swell at Rocky Point and he shot a roll of film on his Nikonos. I thought the photos would suck and, no joke, when he emailed them over I was completely blown away. It’s not that he made me look like I was ripping way harder than I was, it was that for the first time in my life the photos he took actually captured how much fun I was really having.

He’s pretty much one of my favorite humans largely in part because I feel like we both share the same disdain, frustration, and love for everything that Hawaii is. It’s like I know I’m going to get made fun of by mokes for wearing short shorts and crazy aloha shirts… but it’s okay because at least there’s another weirdo with a camera who thinks my shorts are cool."

Photo of John Hook by Evan Schell

Photo of John Hook by Evan Schell

John Heart's Kahana

"Hollywood would cast Kahana as the Hawaiian rascal boy in a surf movie. In the end, he'd show his heart of gold by helping the main kook get the wave of his life.

In real life, Kahana is just some ridiculously good looking dude that loves surfing and hanging out with his family and friends. Aloha Sunday, as a brand, kinda represents the wild Hawaiian rascal that actually wants to look good.

Opening the outpost in Kailua, Honolulu, made perfect sense, since that's where Kahana was born and raised. Bringing the brand officially back home from San Diego's North Park. "The Local" is a shave ice spot connected to Aloha Sunday. They serve up delicious shave ice made with all natural locally sourced (from all the Hawaiian islands) syrups. Buggah so good, broke da mouth."