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Spring Break Forever

Stay Wild

Getting Weird with your new favorite snowboards

Interview by Annie Andrews // Photos by Kealan Shilling

Photo by  Kealan Shilling

Did you see that Harmony Korine movie Spring Breakers? It might be his best one (sorry, Gummo). It’s about a group of girlfriends who go to the party of their lives and never go back to their boring lives. They hook up with Riff Raff (the James Franco version), machine gun down Gucci Mane (trap music king), and wear neon ski masks and bikinis. They party so fawking hard that they can no longer live by the old rules. I’m trying really hard to compare that movie to the group of friends who make beautifully weird Spring Break snowboards

Did it work? Let's ask Maxwell Carl Scott from Spring Break snowboards and see what he thinks.  

How do you guys like the movie Spring Breakers?

Not as much as Trash Humpers.

What’s Spring Break about? How did it start?

Spring Break began in 2010 as an experimental art project by founder Corey Smith and friends. The aim of the project was to deconstruct modern snowboarding and reimagine the sport through its surf-style roots—to find beauty in simply turning and exploring the mountain from an entirely different perspective.

How do you guys come up with such weird snowboard shapes?

We take inspiration for our shapes from all over. Sometimes a shape can be catered to a specific rider’s preference or style. Some shapes are inspired by vintage surf or skate shapes. Some are just crazy ideas we want to try out. It’s amazing how much the shape can change the way you ride. It may be even more apparent in a sport like snowboarding where turning is greatly emphasized.  

Why does that one board have all those holes drilled into the tail?

Ha, I like to say they are for speed. But actually they help your tail sink into the snow, which allows the rider to sit back and relax in the deepest pow. 

The handmade wooden boards seem kind of surfy. Where’s that come from? 

Our board shapes are definitely surfy. A lot of the pioneers of the sport had roots in surfing, and one of the aims of the Spring Break project is to reconnect snowboarding with the style that it’s since deviated from. 

What’s up with the Capita line?

Capita has taken some of our favorite and best-performing conceptual shapes over the years and, with our direction, we developed them into state-of-the-art shred machines built for the resorts. The boards are produced at their new factory in Austria, one of the best snowboard manufacturing facilities in the world.

Are you on spring break forever?


Drinking a piña colada, even. 

Buy these boards and learn more HERE>>>