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Look at the sun

Stay Wild

The universe is freaking awesome when you get a good view of it! The fine folks at Celestron make stuff that helps you see stars, microscopic things, birds, and the actual sun. Yeah, they help you look at that bright orb in the sky that hurts to look at!

According to Jarred Donkersley from Celestron you'll be able to look at the sun and see, "Hydrogen Alpha which is a very small segment or wavelength of the red portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This is achieved with specialized telescopes that allow people to observe and image fine details on the surface and limb of the Sun, otherwise invisible with white light solar filters on normal telescopes (which only show sunspots).

This is a fine tuned stack of multiple exposures (taken with our camera). You can see granulation on the surface, and features (if present) like whirls, prominences (flares on the side), filaments (dark crags), and sunspots."

Experience real-deal fun science stuff in the Celestron exhibit of the Stay Wild EXPO.